Integrative medicine combines conventional care with alternative medicine to improve patient care. Rather than practice one type of medicine, integrative physicians will often combine therapies and treatment approaches to ensure the best results for their patients. Integrative physicians do not shun western medicine, in fact they practice western care everyday. Dr. Marie Niechwiadowicz is unique in that she incorporates appropriate and proven alternative treatment options. Types of medicine employed by Dr. Marie include acupuncture, nutrition, pharmaceuticals, physical medicine, regenerative medicine, injection therapies and preventative medicine.

My philosophy as a physician is to find the root cause of your health process. Disease is essentially un-ease and my focus is to put you at ease. In acute situations, supplements and pharmaceuticals may be necessary. Ideally, the body – with the right coaching and direction – can heal itself. For example, if you cannot sleep, I can give you Ambien or herbs. Both will give you relief from insomnia but neither will look for the true reason why you cannot sleep. Counseling sleep hygiene, recommending hormone therapy and modifying diet are a more integrative approach to creating good sleep habits. As a physician, I do not over-supplement, over-medicate, or over-treat. Treatment should be effective and efficient. I believe in optimizing the physiologic function of your body and emphasizing the balance of  mind, body and diet.