IV Therapy/Injections

Intravenous therapy is powerful medicine. It can be used to re-hydrate, increase nutritional status and chelate heavy metals for detoxification and the reduction of arteriolosclerosis. IV therapy is effective for fatty liver disease and cirrhosis. Anti-viral IV therapy can shorten the duration of the flu and reduce the viral load from chronic immune deficiencies from Epstein Barr Virus to HIV. Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and other chronic conditions can benefit from IV therapy. Therapies from Europe and Asia, while considered experimental in the United States, have been implemented for years as chemotherapeutics in conjunction with conventional cancer treatment. IV therapy is not generally covered by insurance, but payment options are always available.

I variety of injections from B12, B Complex to the atomic shot are offered to boost energy.  Homeopathic flu shots are also available.