Why I do not accept insurance

You did it. You navigated a tough website and are the proud owner of health insurance. Maybe you pay through your employer. Maybe you get it for free.

To be clear, at one point I was in-network with an insurance company that still owes me tens of thousands of dollars. When I moved my practice, they decided not to cover my patients at my new location. After evaluating the situation it was more cost effective to lower my rates than bill as out of network. We are still happy to provide you with a properly coded a service summary you may submit to your insurance. Insurance will still cover labs, imaging and pharmaceuticals. Be warned – I have noticed a recent trend in insurers limiting coverage of all of these. In case of that event, I have sourced inexpensive labs and imaging – some even do payment plans.

Recently a patient was in who was so excited earlier about paying $160/month for insurance. A healthy, non-smoking 20-something. The patient had just received a bill for an office visit for $128. The reaction – “I could see you for less and you will actually spend time with me!” Yes, I will spend more than 8 minutes with you and you will do most of talking. For those of you who love your insurance  — be appreciative and don’t hesitate to visit for the services that are not covered: acupuncture, B12 shots, IV therapy, hormone pellets…

In addition, I offer an Industry Discount for the workers in the food/beverage/service industry. $45-$85 for an appointment usually within 24 hours. I’ve spent my time on both sides of the bar and those behind it definitely earn their pay. (No snarky comments on which side I spent more time.) Just doing my bit to make healthcare affordable for those who cannot afford the affordable healthcare act.